Does hair transplant really work ?

Does health transplant really work and how much does it cost?

Steve Pro Asked on June 10, 2015 in Health.
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Yes, hair transplant in general does work.  The important point to understand here is that first the reason for hair loss needs to be determined.  If there is an underlying condition that caused the hair loss, the transplant will probably not work unless the underlying condition is correct.  If there was an injury/burn that occurred or a blood circulation problem in the area where the hair loss is, the hair transplant probably will not work.  If the hair loss is just from regular male baldness in a specific male hair loss pattern, then if done in a timely manner, hair transplant will probably work.

I found this really interesting site which gives a lot of good information regarding hair loss and treatments available.   American Hair Loss Association

The cost of hair transplantation may significantly vary.  It would depend on the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted and the area that needs to be covered, but in general, the cost of each graft (each follicle) transplanted is about $4-$6.  Average of about 500-750 grafts minimum are done so the entire treatment would probably cost around $3000-$4000.

michael Editor Answered on June 11, 2015.
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