How to connect iphone 6 to projector or computer monitor?

I need to connect my iphone 6 to a computer monitor or my projector.  The project only has a VGA (monitor like) port and a RCA video port (yellow).  The projector does not have an HDMI port.

Steve Pro Asked on June 19, 2015 in Technology.
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Ok Steve.  Here is what you need to get.  Get a lightning to VGA cable – make sure you get the genuine apple brand cable.  The cheap made in china cables on Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores won’t work.  These cables will work for charging, but will not transmit any video.

Please note that you will have to use stereo output, bluetooth speakers, or your phone’s speakers to transmit sound, but you can use the adapter to transmit video.

Once you connect the iphone to the adapter, get a VGA cable to connect from the adapter to your projector or monitor.

Here is the link for the lightning to VGA adapter on Amazon

Here is the link for the lightning to VGA adapter on

Here is a link for the VGA cable that you connect from the adapter to the projector or monitor

Hope this helps

John Newcomer Answered on June 19, 2015.
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